Alloy Processing | About

Headquartered in Compton, California, Alloy Processing offers state-of-the-art aerospace metal finishing services. Alloy Processing’s capacities include aluminum and titanium cleaning, and cress and titanium passivation. The firm also specializes in nondestructive liquid penetrant and conductivity inspections, and harness testing. The company takes pride in quality and excellence in workmanship, striving to exceed goals through a continuous improvement process.

Alloy Processing begins all cleaning tasks with an initial solvent-based process that removes oil, grease, and other contaminants. Aluminum and titanium alloys require further deoxidizing pickling, with minimal surface metal and oxides removed, allowing penetrant inspection. Despite titanium’s top-tier corrosion-resistance properties, some components may require passivation and finishing.

With a total staff of 150, Alloy Processing maintains a team of engineers proficient in Catia and Enovia design and rendering. The firm offers full engineering and processing of model-based definition components, also undertaking complex masking tasks. As a final step in manufacturing components, engineers complete all required part marking.

Alloy Processing’s 37,000-square-foot facility encompasses process tanks of up to 40 feet, allowing for the metal finishing of outsized components. The firm maintains one of the largest titanium processing tanks in the United States, with a nondestructive inspection booth comfortably fitting parts up to 40 feet in length. A dedicated painting booth enables the priming and topcoating of parts up to 40 feet in length.

Placing a premium on customer responsiveness, Alloy Processing offers immediate service, with any resulting charges depending on the current backlog for that specific service. The company also maintains dedicated pickup and delivery service throughout the greater Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley regions.


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